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Spurs fan favorite Malik Rose sits will Bill Schoening

The two-time champion keeps ties with former Spurs players

Malik Rose #31...

Malik Rose wasn’t being scouted by the NBA before he got a phone call from his agent one Sunday when he was asked if he could be in San Antonio the next day. He got up in the middle of watching the Eagles game and headed to The Alamo City.

In Episode 17 of The Sound of Spurs podcast, Bill Schoening talks with Rose about the phone call that sent Malik to San Antonio, the difference between the two championships, and Malik’s post-playing career involved in NBA Basketball Operations.

On that championship 1999 season, Malik recalls starting 6-8 and having David Robinson address the team, which was not as common (usually Avery led the huddles). As we all know, that talk from The Admiral prompted the Spurs to turn it around.

Malik has particular insight into the emergence of Tim Duncan as a leader and future GOAT.

Don’t miss Malik’s Avery Johnson impression.

Schoening and Rose also discuss Malik’s posterization of Dikembe Mutombo.

“I think we were down, or they had control of the game...I remember coming out of the huddle upset...I got an opportunity, and I climbed up Mutombo.”

You can hear the broadcaster tributing the lead to Duncan and Rose in Game 3 of the 2003 NBA Finals.

Once again, Schoening has such a great relationship with Malik that the discussion is effortless, just like getting a sneak peak of two buddies catching.

You can catch up with all of Schoening’s podcast episodes right now on your favorite platform.

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