Two Topics I've Been Dying To Debate

If you all would be willing, because I respect the heck out of a lotta you, even those I tend to disagree with, I would love to have a discussion about 2 things:

1. I believe the GOAT is Kareem. Yes, over Jordan. (please come at me with this because I am ready for a good discussion)

2. When it comes to TOP 10 of all-time, why is Kobe generally put ahead of Duncan? Except for Nick Write, it's pretty much the case with most pundits. Career-wise, Kobe really can't even touch Duncan's accomplishments. Forget putting Kobe in the debate of GOAT with Jordan and Lebron! Kobe wasn't even better than Timmy. (Nick Write and Steven A has actually said this live, on-air). So, your thoughts on that as well if you have the time :) (because I also have a lotta info on this debate too I really wanna share)


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