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An appreciation for the Spurs through the eyes of a nine-year-old

She really doesn’t see wins and losses like her dad

I have to admit, I have not suffered through the the San Antonio Spurs 2022-2023 season as much as I originally imagined. Watching the development of players has been a treat. Injuries hampered what might have been exponential growth and the timely pouring of a solid foundation. The good news is, there’s always next year. Or the next year...or the one after that.

That is one thing the Spurs have proven time and again over the two-plus decades with Pop at the helm. It’s never over if you just won’t quit.

During Spring Break, my daughter and I took in the Spurs/Magic game. (A quick shout out to my buddy who hooked us up with a pair of tickets he wasn’t using that night.) My daughter, whose increased interest in the Spurs and the sport of basketball in general, had already made a list of who was available and who was out based on the shoot around.

I have to say the Spurs injury report is of certain interest to her and we check it daily and discuss how the game might be different based on who is available. With the surge of highlight-worthy moments by guys named Graham, Mamukelashvili and Champagnie, our conversations have been burgeoning as of late, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with the results.

We are having a blast.

A couple of nights later, we’re at the house watching the game. Truth be told, I actually watch every game and I try my best to listen to the entire telecast. So watching with a nine-year-old is not ideal, because she talks the entire time.

I’ve basically got the games on mute now.

It’s fascinating to watch a little Spurs mind bloom right in front of your eyes. And to now have the shared experience with her. Well, it really takes me back to my parents taking my brother and I to a game at about the same age. Got to meet Johnny Moore.

Now she’s meeting players, getting her picture taken with The Coyote, and enjoying the half-time show. But in addition to that, she watching the game. With focus. I hear her say things like “I never watched the guy without the ball,” or “Sochan’s really stopping that guy from getting to the basket,” or any of the bevy of astute observations taking place as she embraces the game.

Yesterday she said, “Mamukelashvili.” Brought a tear to my eye. Daddy so proud.

If you haven’t bought your tickets for the final home game, make sure you do. Bring the family. The old-timers and newbies. It’s the final home game of season celebrating a half-century of talent, of culture, of community, and of champions.

Let’s send our Spurs into their summer with a bang.

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