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Spurs Mario Elie celebrates the Silver & Black’s 50th season

Sound of the Spurs features a member of the 1999 NBA Championship

Portland Trail Blazers v San Antonio Spurs

Bill Schoening, Spurs radio play-by-play announcer, has been hosting a podcast celebrating the San Antonio Spurs 50th season.

The Sound of Spurs podcast features one-on-one interviews with Spurs personalities who experienced the highs and occasional lows that accompanied a half-century of Spurs basketball.

In this installment of Schoening’s series, he sits with Mario Elie. Elie was with the Spurs during their historic 1999 NBA title.

Mario Elie takes us inside his journey to the NBA which began in New York City. Mario shares what it was like playing basketball in the streets of New York, and then he shares how he felt being traded from Portland to Houston. Mario explains why he signed with the Spurs and why he fit so well with the Spurs organization. Later, Mario reminisces on the Memorial Day Miracle and the passing of the torch from David Robinson to Tim Duncan. Mario finishes up discussing the legacy of the Spurs!

Elie credits the Spurs with his transition into coaching. Working alongside Pop gave Mario insight into a career that gave him another thirteen years in there NBA.

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