Trade our 2023 pick?

This is more of a thought experiment than an actual proposal, but on the principle of "selling high," what would it take to trade our number one pick this year (with about a 14% chance of landing Wembanyama)? 14% is as good as it gets, but that's an 86% chance of NOT landing him, maybe we could get a better haul than the third or fourth or sixth pick (whatever we end up getting) by trading now. What if (they wouldn't) the Magic were willing to trade Paolo? Or OKC Chet (risky, but maybe more likely)? Or you could get three future unprotected first round picks?

Are there realistic trade options that would make you willing to give it up? Or is the 14% chance of landing a potential generational talent too good to pass up?

(Again, just for fun)

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