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It’s time for Basketball: NBA All Star Game

It’s a meaningless exhibition game, but it’s fun to watch the stars do their stuff when the score doesn’t matter

2023 NBA All Star Game Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Welcome to the Game Thread. Veterans of the Game Thread know how we do things around here, but for all you newbies we have a few rules. Our community guidelines apply and basically say be cool, no personal attacks, don’t troll and don’t swear too much.

This is the point in the season where the teams take a week off and the stars elected by the fans and chosen by the coaches play a meaningless exhibition game punctuated by ridiculous plays and no defense. If you love basketball, you might want to look away, but there will be some fun highlights are generated, and lots of defensive lowlights. Mostly, if you’re watching this, you might have a problem, or maybe you just really love basketball, even really baaaaaad basketball. There are no Spurs in tonight’s game, but it will still feature some of the all time greats. Remember, the score doesn’t matter, so just enjoy it, and try not to drink too much.

Game Prediction:

Joel Embiid will accidentally play defense in the second quarter, leading to a benching from the coach.

NBA All Star Game: Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis
February 19, 2023 | 7:30 PM CT
Streaming: TNT Overtime

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