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Lonnie Walker’s first meeting with Tim Duncan was hilariously bad

Choking so hard that you can’t talk and have to walk away is not the ideal way to meet an idol.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking of former Spurs we all love and wish would have worked out here, Lonnie Walker is a player who instantly comes to mind. He’s funny, charismatic, and charmed fans early with his athleticism and potential, but unfortunately, against a deep group guards, he never quite lived up to the hype and moved on in free agency last summer. He’s currently with the Lakers on a one-year deal, hoping to increase his value heading into this summer (which he has likely done to an extent), but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his time with the Spurs.

He recently joined the Outta Pockets podcast for a near hour-long interview, and like all former Spurs, he had some hilarious stories. Perhaps the funniest was the first he met time Tim Duncan, who was (and still is) always around to work with the young players. It’s a big moment probably all rookies look forward to, but everyone’s worst nightmare happened to Lonnie. Just as he was introducing himself, he swallowed wrong, started choking, and had to walk away with Tim calmly look on.

He followed that up with another Timmy story about when they were doing three-on-threes together as Lonnie was rehabbing his knee, and after a minute-and-a-half of running around Duncan’s screens, Lonnie threw up everywhere. And of course, once he was done, Tim being Tim said now that it was out of his system, it was time to go again. The more these classic Timmy Tales come out, the funnier it gets.

You can check out the whole thing below. The Tim Duncan stories begin at the 14:07 mark, and other relevant segments include his time with the Spurs and transition to the Lakers (first 9 minutes), getting drafted (20:00), and his favorite dunk (37:26), but the entire thing is worth a listen.