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Catch Spurs “Family Night” at EVO

The Ring of the Rowel screening party this week highlights the community aspect of the franchise

Have you been enjoying The Ring of the Rowel docuseries?

There are going to be 50 episodes commemorating the Spurs 50 seasons in San Antonio. And although they are streaming and we are not even 13 of the way done with the episodes released, you can now catch them on the big screen.

San Antonio Spurs partner EVO Entertainment has been showing these in installments at their Schertz location. They grouped the episodes into segments. “The 70s,” “The MTV Years,” and “Y2K” have already been shown. Each screening has its own flavor. “The MTV Years” featured a post Q&A session with play-by-play guru Bill Schoening, Spurs Senior Director of Broadcasting Mike Kickirillo, and Taylor Hair, Senior Content Producer, who has been a huge part of the culmination of this series.

Depending on the night, EVO additionally advertises “exclusively packaged content, raffles, prizes, guest appearances, & more” in this family-friendly Spurs event.

This week’s showing: “Family Night”

You can catch “Family Night” at the EVO Entertainment in Schertz Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Fans in attendance can win Plaza Level tickets to an upcoming home game, a Spurs jersey, or a $50 Fan Shop gift card.

Click HERE for all the events and ticking information.


February 15th | 7pm


EVO Entertainment Schertz

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