Salary Floor Question and Thoughts

The 2022/2023 NBA salary floor is $111,290,000 and the Spurs current salary total is $100,674,368 according to HoopsHype. That leaves $10,615,632 below the salary floor. According to the current NBA-NBAP bargaining rules, the team must pay out sufficient money to meet the floor by the last game of the season.

There is the possibility that the Spurs work a deal after the trade deadline with a high salary team for a salary dump. Since the Spurs aren't going to be in the playoffs, the playoff ineligibility of the player doesn't matter at all. The player would likely be waived anyways.

However, what if the Spurs deliberately DON'T meet the salary floor? One possibility would be to pay out the additional money as a proportion of the current salary, meaning that Doug McDermott would get the largest "bonus". But this is a young team. It might be better to simply take the amount of money owed the players, divide by the number of players on the roster, and pay that amount out. For 17 players, that would be $624,449. For a player on a Two-Way contract, that is actually MORE than the value of their contract! Although I would think it is highly desirable to do that, there could be a provision in the bargaining agreement that would prevent two-way players from receiving such a bonus. In that event, the $10,615,632 would be divided by 15, the number of regular contracts on the roster. That would be a bonus of $707,709 for each player on a regular contract. This would be a nice bonus for Stanley Johnson, Tre Jones, and Kieta Bates-Diop to mention a few.

In my mind, this would be highly desirable, if an unlikely scenario that would reward the guys for sticking out the season. I suppose there could be a "performance basis" for handing out the bonuses, but I just don't know if that would be legal or not.

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