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Victor Wembanyama becomes youngest player ever to record 20/20 game

The rookie has already posted some historic numbers in his first 20 games.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

While he didn’t secure the Rookie of the Month accolade, Victor Wembanyama’s inaugural season is carving itself into basketball history. Friday night witnessed an extraordinary display as Wemby delivered a staggering performance: 21 points, 20 rebounds, four assists, and 5 stocks (blocks + steals). It served as a resounding reminder that Victor is destined for greatness. This standout performance marked a significant milestone in Wembanyama’s young NBA career.

His electrifying 20/20 performance solidified his name in history, making him the youngest player ever to record such a performance, surpassing the record previously held by Shaquille O’Neal. Surpassing a record held by Shaq speaks volumes about his talent and enormous potential. Even after his initial 20 NBA games, Wemby’s statistics continue to astound.

His accomplishment of scoring 350 points, 50 assists, 50 blocks, and 25 steals in his initial 20 games stands unparalleled. Watching this young man not just meet but exceed the challenges of being the number one overall pick has been riveting. Despite the team’s limited wins, Wemby continues to defy expectations, with statistics that consistently place him in the same echelon as some of the NBA greats.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Bill Walton as the only two players to amass 50 blocks and 50 assists within their first 20 games is a monumental achievement. While he’s already achieved so much in his youthful career, this is just the beginning. Wemby’s unparalleled work ethic remains the driving force behind his on-court success.

On Saturday, once again, Wemby remained the last one on the court, honing his skills. However, concerns have surfaced about his three-point shooting, currently sitting at a 25.5% success rate. His dedication to improving this aspect of his game is evident in his relentless practice.

Just 20 games into his career, it’s evident that Wemby’s destined for something extraordinary, carving his own path toward a unique brand of NBA greatness.