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Victor Wembanyama is rewriting basketball history

The rookie was an absolute force to be reckoned with in Thursday night’s game. 

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The spirits were high in Portland on Thursday night for the San Antonio Spurs and Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs notched up a rare win with their rookie leading the way with a historic performance. Wemby showcased his prowess with a remarkable stat line: 30 points, six rebounds, six assists, and seven blocks, shooting an impressive 64.3% from the field!

Wembanyama continues to carve his name in history, becoming the youngest player ever to achieve a 30/5/5/5 stat line. However, what’s even more remarkable is how he achieved this accomplishment. Despite being under a current minutes restriction, the rookie delivered an astonishing performance in just 24 minutes—eight minutes less than any other player who has accomplished this record. It’s a testament to Wemby’s extraordinary talent at such a young age. For those questioning Victor’s potential, a glance at the other eight names on this list will remove any doubts.

It’s always a great sign when you’re on a list that includes MVPs and Hall of Fame players. As the New Year approaches, one can’t help but wonder what Victor’s next record-breaking night will feature. My prediction? Perhaps a triple-double with blocks or a 5/5/5/5/5 game, further solidifying his place in history alongside fellow Frenchman Nicolas Batum.

Victor’s spin move reminds me a little of Blake Griffin’s spin move. Just like Griffin’s lightning-fast spins that left defenders in the dust, Victor effortlessly frees himself at the rim in a split second. It’s wild how smooth Wemby’s spin move is for a player his size.

Victor continues to astound the basketball world, pulling off moves we’ve never seen before on the court, like his jaw-dropping no-look block on Melcom Brodgon just last night!

Who wouldn’t love this? Let’s see more of Tre Jones and Victor sharing the floor together, their chemistry is truly impressive.

The Spurs have three games left before Wembanyama turns 20. Despite sitting out tonight, he has two chances left to surpass Eddie Griffin for the most games with 5+ blocks as a teen. Even if Wemby falls short, it’s worth noting that Griffin set this record after playing 50+ more games than the young French talent.