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An eventful holiday week for Victor Wembanyama

After a freak accident, the rookie reflects on injury prevention and shares his thoughts.

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The holiday season brought unexpected twists for San Antonio rookie Victor Wembanyama. It all kicked off on Saturday, December 23, when a freak accident during pre-game warm-ups resulted in an ankle injury, sidelining him for their game in Dallas. Fortunately, the scare turned out to be minor, with his absence merely a precautionary measure on Tuesday night.

Yet, concerns about his durability surfaced given the demanding nature of the NBA season. Wembanyama swiftly allayed these worries, emphasizing the significant work he’s undertaken with his trainer, Guillaume Alquier, over the past 16 months. Together, they’ve pursued a unique training approach centred on natural movements to refine his actions and coordination while conditioning his body.

In the recently released documentary “UN1QUE,” a captivating four-minute segment showcases the distinctive training regimen the rookie endures. Alquier firmly believes that Victor’s primary strength should reside in his legs, followed by core activation and preventive movements.

During Tuesday’s post-game press conference, specifically in the French segment, Victor humorously responded to a question about “the physical and mental impact of Guillaume and his holistic approach.” He quipped that the two “definitely didn’t read the same books,” before highlighting Guillaume’s pivotal role in his preparation. Wembanyama admires Alquier’s insatiable curiosity, always seeking new research and approaches.

Concluding the French press conference, Victor expressed joy in spending a full 24 hours with his family, unplugged from his phone and basketball thoughts. However, it’s back to the grind as the rookie gears up to face off against the third overall pick, Scoot Henderson, on Thursday night. Last year, these two clashed in thrilling exhibition games in Vegas—anticipation runs high for another exhilarating showdown on Thursday.

Former Spurs All-Star DeMarcus Aldridge shares valuable insights on how Victor can refine his game by simplifying it. He emphasizes the importance for Wemby to develop a signature move, one he can rely on during crucial moments. This approach aims to boost the rookie’s confidence and reduce overthinking on the court.

For anyone seeking extra motivation before Thursday night’s game, look no further than this clip.

Also, a friendly reminder: It’s voting time to support Wemby’s All-Star campaign! Paris St-Germain, the French soccer club, has shown their support—now it’s your chance to contribute!