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Victor Wembanyama is redefining rookie greatness in the NBA

Wemby’s recent performances are cementing him among elite company.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The emergence of rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama this season has been nothing short of extraordinary. His impact on the basketball court is reshaping the game at both ends. What’s remarkable is the fact he’s doing all of this at 19 years old. Playing on the San Antonio Spurs who have the youngest roster in the NBA, he’s delivering astounding performances night after night. Wembanyama’s first full month of action has added to his growing ROY case as he averaged a double-double for the month of November.

When delving into his statistics, it’s impossible not to draw comparisons to some of the greatest basketball players, both past and present.

What sets Wembanyama apart is the timing of his achievements. He’s accomplishing feats reminiscent of established stars like AD or even prime Hakeem Olajuwon, yet it’s worth noting he’s achieving this in his rookie season, contrasting with Davis’ All-Star performances at 24 years old.

He also currently leads the league in Stocks (blocks + steals) with an impressive total of 73. Wembanyama’s growth on the court is awe-inspiring for someone so young, which makes it difficult not to get ahead of ourselves in expecting him to earn a DPOY in his first season.

It’s always fun when Victor is compared to a mythical creature.

Unfortunately, Wemby wasn’t on the court Friday night, but Coach Popovich’s remarks about the rookie’s dedication to maintaining his health are encouraging.

In the midst of the Spurs’ challenges, it’s essential to find some humor. After all, as tough as it is for Spurs fans, the Detroit Pistons currently hold the title for the worst net-rating.