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Victor Wembanyama is becoming the leader the Spurs need

The rookie is showing characteristics of a leader for this young Spurs team

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since his arrival to the NBA, Victor Wembanyama has displayed a level of maturity that defies his youthful age. Despite the adversity on the court and enduring a string of losses, this rookie consistently maintained open and respectful towards the media. However, the scene on Friday night was a refreshing change as the rookie stepped onto the podium smiling, marking their first win in over five weeks.

Victor’s words spoke volumes about his love for winning: “It’s been a minute, but it does feel good.” Despite facing a little fuss over his celebrations after the final whistle, he expressed, “It kind of felt like a playoff game to me.” His passion for winning is commendable and is a trait that indicates his potential to lead the Spurs in the years ahead.

What is even more impressive is Victor’s conduct during the losing streak. Amidst those challenging times, the rookie remained accessible and respectful to the media. He deflected any attempts to lay blame on his teammates, consistently redirecting those tricky questions toward himself and the team as a whole. His selfless demeanor speaks volumes about this young man.

It’s one thing to possess massive talent, but quite another to grasp the accompanying responsibilities. We’ve seen players underplay their responsibilities as young superstars, but it’s not the case for Wemby. During the French segment of Friday night’s press conference, Vic mentioned, “C’est la vie dont j’ai toujours rêvé, mais il n’y a rien d’acquis,” signifying that he’s living the life he’s always dreamt of, yet nothing is taken for granted. Wemby comprehends that while making it to this stage is only the beginning, there’s a substantial amount of learning and work yet to be done, igniting his excitement about where the team is headed. He’s gradually evolving into one of the league’s finest leaders.

Weekend Highlights from the weekend!

Victor Wembanyama continues to make waves, recording the most double-doubles as a rookie with eight consecutive, overtaking Dwight Howard’s record!

LeBron James proves why he’s still the King with an incredible rainbow three-pointer.

Sunday night held special significance for the Spurs as they honored legendary guard Tony Parker by raising his jersey to the rafters. Wembanyama expressed his admiration for Parker’s contribution to French basketball, underscoring San Antonio’s strong relationship with French players.

And lastly, the Slenderman strikes again! Nobody is safe around the rim when he’s on the floor.