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The newest Spurs H-E-B commercials are here!

Wemby, Sochan and Vassell make their debuts in the latest batch of commercial gold!

The time has finally come! After nearly two years since the last fan-favorite Spurs H-E-B commercials debuted, they are finally back! With Victor Wembanyama, Jeremy Sochan and Devin Vassell all making their debuts alongside Keldon Johnson (who starred in the 2021 batch), the first features the three teammates marveling at Sochan’s one-handed free-throw shooting form and wondering what else he could do with one hand, before he shows off an array of more one-handed feats.

The next one is much shorter but shows off Wemby’s physical traits, with him carrying ten full reusable H-E-B grocery bags at once on his extremely long arms while the message “Team One Trip” shows.

There are reportedly more to come in January, and we’ve already gotten a hint thanks to a behind-the-scenes video from H-E-B’s Instagram, featuring Sochan measuring Wemby with cartons of ice cream, and they guys walking by with some wildly colored wigs (even by Jeremy’s standards).

Even though the Spurs have had about as rough a start to the season as anyone could have imagined, the H-E-B commercials never get old and are full of team comradery. What do you think of the new commercials so far?