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Victor Wembanyama’s flexibility is a superpower

Monday night showcased the rookie’s durability when he shrugged off an injury scare.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into this NBA season, concerns lingered over Victor Wembanyama’s durability given his unique size. As a rookie with a distinctive frame — standing at 7’4” but weighing only 210 pounds — questions arose, drawing parallels to the history of promising big men in the NBA whose potential was derailed by injuries, Greg Oden being a notable example.

However, Wemby has defied expectations, playing in 21 of San Antonio’s 22 games this season. Notably, during Monday night’s game in Houston, he shrugged off an injury scare without missing a beat.

The reaction from viewers, similar to John Collins’, presumed it might have been a significant ankle sprain at the least. Surprisingly, Victor seemed unfazed, a testament to the extensive work he and his team have put into enhancing his flexibility and fortifying his body against potential injuries over the past three years. Much has been highlighted about his distinctive warm-up routine before each game, focusing on foot exercises, aimed at preventing such incidents.

In a post-game press conference, the rookie emphasized how his flexibility feels like a superpower. Moreover, this season has allowed him to delve deeper into understanding his body, thanks to the comprehensive data gathered by his team of trainers.

As the Spurs gear up for their next game on Wednesday night, facing defending champions of the In-Season tournament, uncertainty looms over the availability of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, one thing remains certain—Victor will be suiting up tonight, showcasing his durability.

Here is another teaser of the new H-E-B commercial, featuring Devin Vassel giving a tour of the behind-the-scenes.

Despite San Antonio’s 17-game losing streak, the rookie and the team aren’t losing sleep over it. The focus remains on learning and growing to become winners in the long term.

Friendly reminder to think about our mantra as this losing streak keeps looming over Spurs fans. Victor Wembanyama is a Spur, so everything will work its way out.