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Lakers win first ever In-Season Tournament

The hoopla around the new series gained momentum among fans

After much deliberation as to the need and interest of a non-NBA Finals competition, the first ever In-Season Tournament is done and the Los Angeles Lakers have been crowned the kings of the winter.

On one hand, having a classic franchise who have dominated decades of championships take the first one seems fitting. Also fitting that LeBron James, one of the greatest to ever play the game, will have his name associated with the inaugural crown.

On the other hand, this still comes off as play to get the average basketball watcher to become vested during a time of the season that seems inconsequential to what may transpire once the frost thaws and the world is green again.

Another interesting aspect of a mid-season (or early season) competition will be seeing how these teams play out come postseason. As injuries, trades, and development can create a tectonic shift over the course of a season. Determining a champion takes on a an entirely different front in a seven game series versus single elimination.

The Lakers hoisting the yet unnamed In-Season trophy (quite possibly the “LeBron James” after this) and then adding yet another Larry O-B seem possible, but not probably given the NBA landscape.

What do you think? Did you watch after the Spurs failed to even win within their group? Or did you catch the fever?

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