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What We Learned from the Spurs loss to the Hawks

A nice night overall ruined by a pesky little outcome.

Atlanta Hawks v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Just try and think about how not mad you would be if this wasn’t the millionth loss in a row. Do it with me right now. Close your eyes. Breathe. Think about a world where the Spurs were, I dunno, around .500 in the month of November. Feels good, right? Now, in that particular reality, if I told you the Spurs played pretty well against the Hawks and just couldn’t quite overcome Trae Young going supernova in the 2nd half you would probably say, “eh...that’s probably fine.”

Which is what we should say anyway! Truly we should all just be okay with this one. Context matters and all that, sure, and the context for this one isn’t great. The Spurs have a lost a lot of games, and everyone around these parts are pretty desperate to see one go our way. In that light, yes, watching another lead slip through their fingers is one of those things that is hard to shrug off. I get it.

I’m begging you to shrug though. Just give this one an itsy bitsy little shrug because there was a lot to like. Victor Wembanyama continues to have 7 or 8 plays a game where you have to get up and walk around your house for a bit just to even process what you’re watching. Jeremy Sochan had THIRTY THREE points! Devin Vassell was cooking, and Keldon Johnson had a double double. Julian Champagne was hitting big shots! The Frost Bank Center felt alive and everyone was rocking!

My point is that this was a pretty fun one. They boys looked like they were having fun playing in it, and I had a fun time watching them do it. I didn’t spend the entire time soaked in existential dread, and I didn’t think about the massive losing streak this game was contributing to so much that it ruined everything else. It was just a young team going out there and giving it a run. That’s....that’s kind of just gotta be what we’re in the market for right now.

It’s not like we’re mired in some hopeless situation down here. They’re getting better, I promise. When you grit your teeth and ignore all the noise, you can see them starting to gel and figure things out. They don’t look hapless and unmotivated or anything like that. They just look raw. They look new. They look like they don’t know what they’re doing. We can work with that, right? We can figure out how to get behind these kids while morph into something the league has to take seriously. This is all going to be good for them and, frankly, I think it’s going to be good for us too,

The ball is going to bounce our way soon enough. For now? Shrugging a few more of these off won’t kill us.


  • We have to come up with a cool nickname for the Frost Bank Center. I’m sure the good people at Frost Bank would prefer we just call it, you know, “the Frost Bank Center”, but I think we’ve got to spice it up a little bit more than that. Sorry. But think about it. This franchise has a rich history of playing in cool sounding places like HemisFair Arena and the Alamadome, but then we spent our glory years in the AT&T Center, which is maybe the most boring, corporate sounding building possible (apologies to AT&T, if you’d like to sponsor future WWLs please reach out and we’d be happy to revise this take). My point is, let’s get this new era off to a good start with a fun nickname. What if we just shortened it to Frosties? Or The Bank? Or how about the The Ice Palace? I’m truly open to anything, I just don’t think I can keep saying Frost Bank Center over and over. (Apologies, again, to the good people at Frost Bank, if you would like to sponsor future WWLs please reach out and we’d be happy to revise this take.)
  • Everyone keeps saying that the Spurs need to get a real point guard on the roster, and what they’re aren’t getting is that what the Spurs actually need to do is get Patty Mills back in the building in any possible capacity. He’s the answer. He’s the turnkey. He’s the guy that can flip the switch for these guys and build the bridge between the Spurs of the past and the Spurs of the future. It’s never been more obvious to me that this is the answer to all our problems. He walked into The Ice Palace palace last night holding a cup of coffee with “get shit done” written on it. You can’t just tell people about swag like that and expect them to pick up on it. They have to live it and feel it and breathe it every day. Bring back Patty ASAP!
  • Ok, I tried out Ice Palace up there just to see how it felt, what’d you think?
  • I finally saw one of our players throw a lob pass into Wembanyama that was too high last night! Jeremy drove into the lane and tried to flick one over his head to Vic and it sailed right past his fingertips. It was amazing! That should be impossible! People are going to look at this and shake their heads but, seriously, that has to be seen as progress. The boys have been spending all season throwing ‘em too low and they’re finally starting to calibrate. They’re setting their sights higher. They’re dreaming a little bigger. This is good news, I’m telling you.
  • This block was legitimately disrespectful. In all honestly, it maybe lost the game for us because Trae had no choice but to go out there and ferociously defend his honor just so he could look himself in the mirror today.

WWL Post Game Press Conference

- Is there a number of losses in a row that the Spurs could hit where something might break internally with you?

- Yea, there’s a number out there, but I’m not going to say what it is because I can’t give my haters that kind of information over me.

- What would breaking look like? You know, just so we can be aware of the signs?

- Oh, it wouldn’t be anything special, just your standard issue derangement. These things would be a little more loose at the seems and the takes would become unhinged, but in a way where you couldn’t really tell if there was a twinkle in my eye anymore.

- Do you think we can tell if your eyes are twinkling when we’re reading something you wrote online?

- Brother, not only do I think it, I KNOW it. Don’t try to kid a kidder. You can see the twinkle right now, can’t you?

- Ha. You know what? Now that you mention it, I really can see the twinkle.

- Twinkle, twinkle baby.