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The emergence of the 2023-24 NBA rookie class

Victor Wembanyama stands out as a frontrunner in this impressive rookie class.

San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2023-24 NBA rookie class is making waves in the early part of this season, drawing praise from veteran players and experts. Draymond Green, a four-time NBA champion, commended the young talents, acknowledging their impressive defensive abilities. His recognition holds significant weight, especially coming from a former Defensive Player of the Year and a perennial All-Defensive Team player.

In the race for the Rookie of the Year award, the competition is tight. In the current Vegas odds, Victor Wembanyama leads as the favorite, closely followed by Chet Holmgren.

Both players have been putting up excellent numbers, securing their places in NBA history by becoming the first two players to achieve 10 blocks and 10 three-pointers in their first six games, per OptaStats. Their performance is sure to keep fans engaged as they compete for the prestigious Rookie of the Year title.

Wemby’s debut in the “Mecca” of basketball, New York, generated considerable excitement. Clips from his shootaround session showed him receiving tips from coach Popovic while showcasing his skills with a corner three. Their close relationship is evident yet again.

The presence of Wemby in New York began a media frenzy, reminiscent of the buzz of a playoff game. This level of attention around the Spurs’ game, for the second time this season, highlights the heightened interest in Wembanyama’s entry into the league.

The anticipation surrounding tonight’s game has elevated it to a hot ticket event, with numerous celebrities expected in attendance. The initial confirmation came from football legend Tom Brady, indicating the high-profile nature of the game.

Let’s not forget to mention the contrast in height between Brady, who stands at 6’4”, and Wembanyama. The young NBA prospect’s height dwarfs the former quarterback, leading Brady to laugh about the situation in good spirits.

Interestingly, 39 years ago, Michael Jordan’s debut at MSG was an unforgettable spectacle, marked by an exceptional performance with 33 points and an array of dunks. This prompts speculation: will Wemby create a matching iconic performance tonight, one that basketball fans will reminisce about in the future?