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Navigating the Spurs’ offensive challenges

The current starting five and optimizing Wemby’s offensive potential.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Seven games into the season, the San Antonio Spurs offense is still a work in progress. Since the start of the season, Coach Popovich has been keen on starting second-year player Jeremy Sohan at the point guard position. Despite the defensive upside he brings to the table, the playmaking growing pains are impacting the team’s offensive flow.

It gets interesting when looking at the net rating among different Spurs lineups. In the 96 minutes that Sohan and Victor Wembaynama played together, their net rating is at -30.76, according to PBP Stats. Contrarily, when Victor shares the court with point guard Tre Jones, the net rating jumps to +23.90 in 86 minutes of play. It’s clear that Jones, a natural point guard, significantly helps in getting Victor the ball in more favorable positions.

The offense needs to involve the rookie more often. Periods where Victor sees very little of the ball shouldn’t occur.

It’s normal for the rookie to make mistakes while developing his NBA offensive game, but his recent efforts in reducing turnovers to two per game over his last three contests show promising signs. At this early stage of the season, it’s evident that his aggressiveness and involvement in the offense lead to positive results.

Getting Victor the ball in advantageous positions will benefit the team both in the short and long term. Increasing the duo’s minutes together might serve this purpose. Jones should focus on offense, aiming to get Wemby the ball in positions that play to his strengths. Despite only being seven games into his NBA career, Victor has a significant impact on winning when he’s the focal point.

For Spurs fans, it’s time to look beyond the last two games and celebrate the fact that Wemby is exceeding expectations. In the second week of his young career, the rookie was nominated as the Western Conference Player of the Week! Despite not winning the award, it’s a noteworthy achievement, losing out to two-time MVP Steph Curry.

For those who missed some of the games, here are all of Wemby’s blocks so far this season. It’s incredible to witness him in action on the defensive end, showcasing his mobility and length.

Share your thoughts on which block is your favorite. For me, it’s still his second block on Grayson Allen, where Victor denies him so effortlessly without even jumping!

Despite the beatdown in Indiana, Victor showed a nice touch from deep, hitting two of five attempts from beyond the arc. Coach Pop and the Spurs should try to run this play more often. Who could possibly guard him in this situation?

It appears I’m not the only one leaning into the Slenderman bit- Panini is also one step ahead!

The Spurs travelled to the Big Apple to face the gritty New York Knicks this Wednesday night. During Sunday’s post-game conference, Victor shared his thoughts on the excitement of playing at the legendary venue, Madison Square Garden.

The rookie expressed his anticipation to play in a place where so many big sporting moments have occurred. He expects the Spurs to put on a strong performance, aiming for more of the same on a personal note. Get your popcorn ready for Wednesday night, folks - Wemby at the Garden should be a spectacle!