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The Spurs City Edition court continues to pay homage to the 1968 World’s Fair

HemisFair is front and center this season

Yesterday, the Spurs released their 1968 Worlds Fair inspired City Edition uniforms.

The Spurs have doubled-down and will play on a City Edition inspired court when they wear the uniforms at home. It features the Tower of the Americas at half court and should pair nicely with the jerseys.

Spurs also released a video of the court being built on their Twitter feed.

We have moved past the “Fiesta” theme for the time being.

What are your thoughts on this year’s special hardwood?

I feel like the latter fiesta floor had a “Tostitos” vibe.

Personally, I am down with the throwback bringing in the World’s Fair from 1968. A lot of effort went into making that happen and it really excelled the city’s economy and tourism for years to come.

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