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Victor Wembanyama is staying positive, despite the losing streak

There is nowhere to go from here but up.

San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

After the San Antonio Spurs lost their eleventh straight game to the Los Angeles Clippers, the broadcast crew caught Victor Wembanyama looking upset. Instantly NBA fans flocked to social media to claim that the losses are getting to Wemby. That the team’s “tanking” ways are going to cause the number-one pick to turn sour on San Antonio after just 17 NBA games.

A post-practice presser from Wembanyama on Tuesday gave a glimpse into the rookie’s thoughts on the team’s tough start. If anything, it sounds like he’s trusting the process.

“Everyone is coming with a purpose, and comes to do good at work,” Wembanyama told reporters. “Everybody knows where we are going. Most of the people here have been through everything before. We’re in good hands.”

The Spurs have “pound the rock” hanging in their practice facility for times like these. To remind players that working through the process will eventually lead to results. That’s an important message for Wembanyama, who is going through his longest losing streak since his youth soccer days. Time is on the side of a team that is still very young, and a player who is not even a quarter of the way through his rookie season.

Wembanyama kept things in perspective when it came to his own play as well.

“This is probably the worst Victor we will ever see,” Wembanyama said.

The rookie is averaging 19.2 points and 9.5 rebounds. If the only way to go is up, the Spurs have a bright future. He will need time to adjust to the NBA game. He can still get stronger and in better shape. His shooting percentages are likely to increase as he and the Spurs figure out the best way to create advantageous scoring opportunities. Defensively he’s already incredibly impactful, and he’s still somewhat undisciplined. When he reigns this all in and improves, the sky is the limit.

Wembanyama has always seemed mature beyond his years. Its good that he’s seeing the forest for the trees during the losing streak. Now it’s on the Spurs to improve alongside him to snap their 12-game losing streak.