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Jalen Picket shocked by the size of Victor Wembanyama’s hands

Sunday night spawned comedy between the Frenchman and the Denver Nuggets rookie.

NBA: Preseason-San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

From the start of his career, Victor Wembanyama has created numerous unforgettable moments on the court. Most revolved around jaw-dropping blocks, thunderous dunks, or other spectacular plays. Yet, on a recent Sunday night, a new one emerged—rookie Jalen Pickett from the Denver Nuggets crossed paths with Wemby for the first time and was left starstruck after their handshake.

Pickett’s reaction spoke volumes in the aftermath of their brief interaction. He couldn’t contain himself, instantly raving to his teammate about the sheer size of Wemby’s hands. It was a gentle reminder of Victor’s extraterrestrial stature, with his towering presence and an astonishing 8-foot wingspan. The interaction took me back to last summer when the Frenchman made waves throwing the first pitch at a New York Yankees game.

Wemby is holding the baseball, which looks miniature in his massive hands. His physique is undeniably distinctive, contributing to his immense potential. Those oversized hands coupled with his incredible wingspan enable him to pull off remarkable things on the court.

These instances won’t be the last reminders that Wemby stands in a league of his own, a truly unique athlete in every aspect.

In a limited sample size, Victor Wembanyama’s initial showdown against the NBA’s finest offers lots of promise. His blend of size and agility was effective against the Joker on Sunday night.

Nicholas Jokic’s quote encapsulates it perfectly—Wemby seems destined to revolutionize the game; everyone just needs to relax and enjoy the journey.

Once again, the rookie delivered an impressive stat line, showcasing his dominance in just 25 minutes of play.