The Spurs are looking for a point guard before our eyes

I was thinking about the Spurs' dilemma at the point guard position. It looks weird how, years before, the Spurs had many point guards, and now they don’t have the floor general they want. I found this video that aged very well from A.M Hoops talking about the Dejounte Murray trade and how the Spurs were targeting Victor Wembanyama; this was one year ahead of the Spurs drafted Wemby.

The Spurs are looking for a point guard to pair with Victor before our eyes, but they don’t like anyone; they are looking for an improvement over Tre Jones. Tre Jones is a borderline starter; he is an outstanding point guard, but the Spurs are looking for an All-Star caliber one.

The Spurs have three ways to obtain that dreamed point guard. One option is to wait for free agency, but most top-tier Point guards are not free until 2025 or 2026 (De'Aron Fox, Shai Gildeous Alexander, Jalen Brunson, Jamal Murray)—anyway, they are saving money for that. You can see they have all role players' contracts until that year. They signed Collins and Tre Jones contracts for only two years.

The second option is via trade, where the Spurs are stocking draft picks they can use when some All-Star caliber point guard is requesting a trade or a team is looking for a rebuild and wants to shop him (Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Tyrese Haliburton, De'Aaron Fox, LaMelo Ball).

The third option is the pill that is hard to swallow for the fans: the lottery (Isaiah Collier, Nikola Topic, Stephon Castle). The Spurs are experimenting with Sochan this year, not because they think that is the final solution at the point guard position, but because that is a way to improve his handling and passing skills while losing enough games for a top pick at the incoming draft. The Spurs also observe Wemby and leave him free to play his way. This will change through the season when they have enough video and statistical evidence to share with Wemby and back up his need to move to the center position.

In the end, the Spurs are looking at the big picture, taking steps to find the point guard of our future to pair with Victor, and remember, they are building a contender; they are not building a second-round playoff exit team.

Look at the Big picture

Look at the Big picture

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