What are we doing?

Long time fan here SFFL (*shot at Cuban)… but, for real…. What are we doing?!

I have been so frustrated with the Spurs since the blundering of Kawhi Leonard where we received DeRozan for 1 year to let him walk away and get nothing in return for the asset he is?? How is that proactive for the future? To me the LA experiment fell on its face and I was excited for that but again I feel the Spurs mishandled it and again nothing in return (I get the injuries and age a little more here than the latter*) Sorry had to get that rant out first…

on to the present…, WHY!? Why are we teaching Sochan and literally I mean teaching as in his own admission he doesn’t know how to play point guard? Why not have Cissoko who has been playing pro ball oversees and logged minutes with our 1st round "phenom"? A 6’6 guard who prides himself in defense ‍♂️which is exactly what we need. Sochan should continue playing his style which is that of a dare I say Dennis (sorry the hair calls for the comp.) or Malik Rose. I feel like this only stalls him from perfecting his game which again is not a point guard. Bring up Cissoko or for out and spend all that money we have in cap room!! We need someone who can run a pick and roll with Wemby which should be our bread and butter with his ability to get up, if we’re running him up setting picks at the elbow and rolling he should easily get 3-5 oops a game.

We need shooters that can space the floor in able for the pick n roll to work at its best and from the stats so far one of our best shooters is again in Austin, why! Again I dunno and it doesn’t make sense. We’re not competing for anything this year why not let our young guys get run in real games with teammates we hope our the future for the Spurs??


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