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How Victor Wembanyama’s length changes the game of basketball

A little something to look at while waiting for another late tipoff.

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

It has only been four games, but Victor Wembanyama is already taking the NBA by storm. Sure, his numbers don’t jump off the page, and he’s had some well documented struggles (as expected), but fans are tuning in or going to games just to see him play. You can even sense opposing fans in road environments waiting to let out a big “Ohhh!” when they witness their first Wemby moment in person.

As a result, one of our favorite YouTube channels, Thinking Basketball, has released another video looking at Wemby’s craziest features and plays in the NBA so far. His length is insane, and opposing defenses are still having to learn and adjust to him. The same can be said for his teammates, who are still learning when and where to send up lobs for him. He too is still calibrating to the league and learning how to use his body, and Tuesday’s game against the Suns was a perfect example. After struggled through the first two quarters, he started figuring things out in the second half, helping lead to their big comeback.

So as we sit here waiting for yet another late tipoff, go enjoy Thinking Basketball’s video. It will be well worth your time and just might point out a few things you haven’t noticed before.