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Victor Wembanyama’s journey through basketball artistry

Uncover the artistic side of Wemby as he redefines basketball. 

NBA: Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

In recent days, I’ve immersed myself in older coverage about the rookie, Victor Wembanyama. The deeper I searched, the more I uncovered intriguing details, shaping the Victor we are becoming familiar with. From a physical perspective, the young Frenchman stands out, and this extends beyond his impressive height and wingspan. There’s nothing ordinary about him.

While teens his age often engage in video games and various off-court activities, Victor sets himself apart. His interests include reading fiction, drawing, and visiting art galleries during his free time. Since a young age, he has seen himself and the game of basketball as an art form.

As an artist, Wemby has drawn inspiration from and integrated moves used by some of the best players in the league, particularly his idol, Kevin Durant. However, the rookie isn’t seeking to replicate KD’s style; he’s forging his unique path. Night after night, Wemby boldly attempts maneuvers never before seen on an NBA basketball court, anticipating success. While some of these attempts may fall short, as apparent in his Madison Square Garden debut, these setbacks are a vital part of the journey. It’s anything but a straightforward path, even for a player as inherently talented as Victor. This mindset has roots in his early teens when he was a 13-year-old player in Nanterre.

This quote from the former Nanterre coach, Bryan George, captures it perfectly. Wemby never hesitates to undertake the daring, the extraordinary, and the unimaginable, which is a part of what sets him apart. We consider ourselves fortunate to have him enhancing our basketball experience for the next decade.

With Keldon Johnson and Tre Jones both sidelined for Tuesday night’s game in Oklahoma City, there’s a possibility of witnessing an increased in the Wemby and Vassel two-man game.

On a different note, the focal point of this Tuesday’s NBA narrative revolves around the showdown between Chet Holmgren and Victor Wembanyama. Let’s dive into the impressive beginnings of both players’ rookie campaigns.

Also worth noting, the two rookies find themselves in the company of the reigning MVP with this stat line. It’s impressive to be a part of a list with Joel Embiid.

Victor has entered the Spurs’ company of fellow Frenchman, Tony Parker, with this impressive stat line. Another noteworthy achievement for the 19-year-old rookie.

The French part of this tweet alluded to Victor being “destined to be a Spur,” which is spot on!