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Breaking down Victor Wembanyama’s offensive potential

The rookie is already offering a sneak peek into his shooting versatility.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Since joining the NBA, Victor Wembanyama’s game has been under the microscope. Media members and fans worldwide have meticulously analyzed his every move on the court. In his early career, it’s evident that the 7’4” rookie excels near the basket. Just over 36% of his two-point baskets are inside 10 feet, and he converts them at an impressive rate of 60.5%. On certain occasions, Wemby has demonstrated a nifty ability to finish with both hands near the rim.

A perfect example is when Victor absorbed contact while finishing with his left hand. However, there’s more to the rookie’s game — recently, he hasn’t hesitated to shoot threes, averaging 5.1 attempts per game. Despite a recent cold streak, his shooting mechanics remain solid.

Naturally, Victor draws significant attention when he has the ball, leading to open looks for his teammates. Consequently, he doesn’t get as many open looks as one might hope. His recent struggles are just a blip in the growth process. His solid mechanics and an impressive free-throw conversion percentage of 79.1% showcase his shooting potential at the NBA level.

Despite things not going his way in New York on Wednesday night, the rookie left a lasting impression on the opposition. Head coach Tom Thibodeau, along with gritty point guard Jalen Brunson, was impressed by Wemby.

Thibs’ press conference highlighted Wemby’s demeanor,

This resilience has been a consistent trait, even when Wemby faces challenges, he always plays hard.

The fact that Victor’s most successful scoring quarter is the fourth underscores his sustained efforts throughout the games this season.

It’s also noteworthy that Mitchell Robinson, possibly one of the best defending big men in the league this year, shared valuable insights on Wemby after the game.

On a different note, NBA 2K ratings have been updated, and Wemby’s rating increased to 86! Quite an accomplishment for a rookie only eight games into his NBA career.

The Freds Fish-Fry San Antonio jersey concept, designed by a local digital artist, will be available next week! It’s a great idea for a stocking stuffer for friends and family.

In line with our previous posts about Wemby’s partnership with Barcode Drink, you can now find billboards all over San Antonio featuring the rookie!