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More than one thing can be true about the Spurs’ Point Sochan experiment

A list of points, facts, and assumptions, presented with minimal commentary.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

The geographic center of the Spurs’ culture war right now is Gregg Popovich’s decision to install Jeremy Sochan as the team’s nominal point guard. The coach has already bristled at questions about it, and fans both online and (presumably) offline have strong feelings around whether that configuration is best for the team’s early success, the development of Victor Wembanyama, or both.

Because emotions run hot on this discussion, below is a list of notes that all relate to what we’ve seen or heard so far. Some lean in favor of one side; some lean the other; hopefully they can collectively show a bigger picture and cut through what is a nebulous and hilariously incendiary topic.

Feel better, yet?