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Why Keldon Johnson can’t have nice things

He might break it and blame it on someone else.

San Antonio Spurs Media Day Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

One thing that has been extremely clear throughout the offseason and training camp is this Spurs teams is an extremely close bunch. They all have nothing but good things to say about each other, new comers are welcomed with open arms, and everyone genuinely seems to be having a good time. A lot of that is due to the fun-loving nature of team captain Keldon Johnson, who knows when to be serious during game time but can also be the court jester (no pun intended).

Case in point, on Media Day, the Spurs passed out friendship bracelets, and everyone loved them, including Johnson, who asked if anyone thought it would break if he wore it during a game.

Then, it wasn’t even 24 hours later when the Spurs released a follow up video asking Johnson what happened outside, and hilarity ensues. Seemingly trying to cover up for himself, he claims Tre Jones doesn’t want to be his friend anymore because he took his bracelet off, before Jones jumps in and says Keldon broke it. Keldon says Tre is lying and jokes that he prefers his brother Tyus anyways.

Perhaps the funniest part is when Jeremy Sochan jumps in to play the role of dad, “slaps” Keldon and tells him, “that’s not nice,” hands him a snack, and the food completely takes KJ’s attention away from the bracelet situation.

It’s great to see all the comradery going on behind the scenes, and having a team that is happy to be together is a big step towards success. (It also doesn’t hurt hearing Gregg Popovich say last year was a learning year, and this year the goal is to win.)

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