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Nike dubs Victor Wembanyama “The Extraterrestrial” in new promotion

A Spur finally has some bigtime promotion power behind him.

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Ever since the Spurs won the right to draft Victor Wembanyama, big changes have been afoot in San Antonio. They’ve gotten media attention like never before and even have their own ESPN reporter for the first time since their championship-contending days. However, one thing the Spurs have rarely had is a player highlighted by an international brand. Tim Duncan was sponsored by Nike and later Adidas, but while he appeared in some commercials, it’s hard to recall him truly being “highlighted” (just how he liked it).

But now we’re seeing that international branding being wielded on Wemby’s behalf thanks to a sponsorship from Nike, which has dubbed him the “The Extraterrestrial” while promoting their new tech line, which includes fleece workout wear, shoes, and other gear for all ages. (While Wemby doesn’t have a signature shoe yet, he will be sporting Nike brand on the court, but when — not if — he does get that shoe deal, it would only be fitting for them to be alien green.)

Although LeBron James had already dubbed Wemby “The Alien”, “The Extraterrestrial” does have a certain ring and excitement to it, even if it’s more work to type out and say. (J.R. Wilco suggests E.T., which I can get down with.) Regardless, he does seem to have embraced the moniker, as some may have noticed when he was signing murals around town that he included the classic alien head with his signature. It’s only fitting that with so much attention surrounding UFO’s these days, Wemby would bring that same level of excitement to San Antonio.

On that note, this seems like as good a time as any for a poll to determine which nickname is currently favored for Victor: The Alien, The Extraterrestrial, or simply E.T.?


Which nickname to you prefer for Wemby?

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    The Extraterrestrial
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