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Victor Wembanyama tours San Antonio murals

And silences crazy Rockets critics from a viral post of his tour.

There has been plenty of pictures and teases about rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama touring San Antonio in recent weeks, including from September 24 when he visited many of the murals and restaurants around town. Now, the Spurs have released a video of his visit, and it’s so wonderful seeing how much he has already embraced the city, especially in an era when player loyalty is coming into question. He met the artists, thanked them and Spurs fans in general for all the love, and signed his name on the paintings.

However, there might be an even more important question this video answered. At the time of his tour, a video of him sitting at a bar talking to fans circulated.

It seems innocent enough, but of course, as they have been wont to do all summer, Rockets fans chimed in. One beat writer in particular made the video go viral on X, claiming the Spurs were letting Wemby commit underaged drinking. Despite many pointing out there isn’t a drink in front of him other than possibly a Topo Chico (sparkling water) and that at age 19, it’s not illegal for him to be at a bar in Texas (he just can’t consume alcohol), the troll still stuck to his guns.

Well, rest assured Rockets (and Spurs) fans, Wemby did not order alcohol. As can be seen at the 1:41 mark of the Spurs’ video, he ordered a lemonade (which was likely included to stop any potential questions in their tracks). As annoying as Rockets fans have been this summer, Wemby and the Spurs will get several early chances to silence them, with two home preseason games on October 16 and 18 and another at home in the second game of the regular season on October 27. The preseason ones don’t matter much, but I hope Wemby in the Spurs make a statement to Rockets fans on the 27th.

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