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Victor Wembanyama is ... Slender Man?

Wemby celebrates Halloween with a fun entrance to Footprint Center to play the Phoenix Suns.

We’re less than an hour away from tipoff of Spurs vs Suns, and it looks like Victor Wembanyama is wishing everyone a happy Halloween.

We are also ending the first week of Victor Wembanyama’s NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs. It’s been exciting, and we’ve seen highs and lows. As we look ahead to Tuesday night’s TNT game against the Phoenix Suns, Victor stands on the verge of a pivotal moment: guarding his childhood idol, Kevin Durant.

Despite the pressure, the young Frenchman remains unfazed. Time and again, he has displayed a maturity rare for an 18-year-old emerging star. His combination of poise, fierce competitiveness, and impressive wingspan positions him as an intriguing defensive matchup for KD.

Conversely, Durant hasn’t faced a defender who can potentially challenge his midrange shots as Victor might. This face-off promises to be must-watch television, hinting at Wemby’s defensive potential. The looming question: will Coach Popovic grant fans this showdown? My bet is yes. However, the final decision remains to be seen at tipoff.

On offense, it hasn’t been a smooth sail for Victor. He’s been consistently challenged and has had to work tirelessly to secure the ball and create plays. Following the loss to the Clippers, when asked if this marked his first NBA hurdle, Victor’s candid response indicated so much more than was asked.

From his skillset, it’s obvious that Wemby is no ordinary NBA rookie. However, his promising start has painted a target on his back. Opponents enter games with strategies, including double teams, to ruffle him. Taking on seasoned players with a clear weight advantage only serves to increase the challenge — and when he reached for a metaphor to explain his response to defeat, he reached no further than the name of our humble blog.

In the wake of the Clippers’ defeat, Victor reiterated his commitment to persevere through challenges and to extract lessons from each moment. Given the Spurs’ youthful roster and the emphasis on growth, Victor’s embracing of “pounding the rock” establishes him as an ideal leader for the squad.