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The 90 seconds Victor Wembanyama took over the Warriors game

In the first quarter of Friday’s preseason game in Golden State, Victor put on an absolute show.

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Watching your team go on a run during a game is one of the best experiences a fan can have. They score, and then stop the other team. They score again, and get a turnover and score again. It’s the kind of thing that sends an arena into a frenzy and prompts the opposing coach to call a timeout.

But when a player on your team goes on a run, it’s even better. I have countless memories of San Antonio Spurs games where Tim Duncan, or Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker made a series of plays on both ends of the court to turn the game. The timeouts after those runs are even more memorable as you feast on multiple views of the plays where someone is in the zone so completely that the entire game seems to have been set up to showcase their talents.

Victor Wembanyama had a moment like that against the Golden State Warriors from 6:33 to 5:05 of the first quarter of Friday night’s preseason game.

Officially, the box score reads like this:

While a 8-2 10-2 run over less than a minute-and-a-half is impressive, reducing this run to text robs it of its impact. So let’s see the action:

So that’s an isolation, pump-fake, 19-foot jumper followed by a rebound where he brings the ball up the court, gives it up, resets after a lob opportunity was missed, isolates again to go around Klay Thompson like he’s hardly there for an extremely difficult bucket-and-one, hits the freebie, blocks Thompson’s three at the top of the arc and runs out for a breakaway dunk (while faking Klay’s block attempt to send him flying), absolutely denies Andrew Wiggins any opportunity to score in an extended dribbling sequence culminating in a block that Jeremy Sochan gathers and gives back to a gesturing Wemby calling for the ball before stroking a dead-ahead three to complete the run.

Just a ridiculously breathless sequence against Curry’s Warriors. Let’s see all of his highlights now.

Finally, here are the entire game highlights (look out for the multiple head shakes from Warriors players just trying to come to grips with what the rookie was giving them).

I think I can say I’m ready for the season to begin now, and it looks like the same could be said of Wembanyama.