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A look at how wild Wemby’s dunk vs. the Heat actually was

Comparing Wemby’s dunk from Friday vs. Jeremy Sochan from last season.

Spurs fans (and NBA fans as a whole) are quickly learning that you can expect an absolute minimum of one eye-opening play from Victor Wembanyama every game. He had plenty of those in Friday’s preseason matchup against the Miami Heat, but one play in particular stood out. Early in the second half, he had a seemingly effortless dunk where he received the ball from a driving Devin Vassell, dribbled to his left to just above the top of the restricted area, and just kind of threw it down over Thomas Bryant from a seemingly impossible distance away for “standing”, contested dunk.

Only someone with Wemby’s wingspan could complete such a dunk, let alone make it look so easy. Even funnier was Bryant’s reaction as he looked at the Heat bench with a helpless, “what else can I do” reaction. I imagine we’ll be seeing many more looks like this as time goes on.

To reference even further how mind-boggling that dunk was, it was somewhat reminiscent of Jeremy Sochan’s dunk over Domantas Sabonis last season that was rated 4th best in the NBA.

Notice that while took off from the about the same distance, he had a lot more launch but even then, he had a long reach to even get the ball to the rim. (Some even argued if this even was dunk as opposed to simply “throwing the ball into the basket” since it left his hand before it got there.) Comparing how much effort it took Sochan here vs. Wemby shows just how wild his physical features are and garners even more excitement over what is to come — and it’s only been two preseason games.

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