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Victor Wembanyama and Devin Vassell go off in Spurs win

Highlights from the Spurs preseason home opener.

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Watching San Antonio Spurs these days feels like you are about to see something that you’ve never witnessed on a basketball floor before. Victor Wembanyama is already becoming one of the greatest shows in the NBA.

He followed up on his stellar debut with an efficient 23-point performance in a 120-104 win over the Miami Heat. Wemby flashed his wiggle off the bounce and shooting ability in the half court. This between the legs, step back mid-range jump shot is mesmerizing.

Wembanyama’s touch for a player of his size is impressive, but it was the forceful plays that really wowed the world. First, this dunk in transition off of the Jeremy Sochan steal. Wemby catches the ball near the three point line and doesn’t even have to dribble in order to euro-step into the forceful two-handed flush.

This left-handed dunk over Thomas Bryant shows that whether it be on the perimeter or in the dunker’s spot, Wembanyama is a threat to score. This dunk looks like he’s slamming on a nerf hoop! Bryan’t reaction is worth the watch too.

The lob from Tre Jones was the play of the night, though. Watch Wemby ask for a lob as soon as he passes it from the three point line. Jones just throws the ball to the stratosphere, and Wembanyama goes and grabs it over everyone. Talk about unstoppable.

Check out Wembanyama’s full game highlights here.

It wasn’t just Wembanyama who had a great scoring game. Devin Vassell was lights out from three-point range on his way to a 21 point performance. He thrived off of drives and kicks, and benefitted from the extra attention sent Wemby’s way.

“With Vic it makes the game so easy,” Vassell told reporters after the game. “As soon as he rolls and pops, he has so much attention, that we are just wide open on the kickout.”

Here we see Wemby draw a double in the post, leaving the Spurs best three-point shooter wide open.

Vassell’s jumpers weren’t just catch and shoot. This step back three with Dru Smith draped over him at the buzzer shows the improvements the wing has made scoring off of the bounce.

You can find Vassell’s full game highlights here.

Check out the full team’s highlights from their win over the Heat below.