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Join Pounding The Rock when the Spurs play at the Alamodome

Less than 5,000 tickets remain

Mavericks v Spurs X general view

Yesterday we were given lots of information about additions and enhancements to the January 13th game taking place at the historic Alamodome:

⭐ Pre-Game Lightshow Starting Lineup – arrive early!

⭐ Ally Brooke National Anthem Performance

⭐ Tag Team Halftime Performance

⭐ River Barge Photo Ops

⭐ Post-Game Fireworks Show

If you were watching the telecast the other night, Michelle Beadle and Sean Elliott are also competing to see who can inspire more fans to buy tickets to the game.

Now, Dear Pounders, this site is getting in on the competition.

Help us to fill the Alamodome and break the record for most fans in attendance at an NBA game.

In March 1998, the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks set the attendance record of 62,046 fans. This was a star-studded All-Star Game.

The Spurs can now pass and own the record which has gone untouched for nearly a quarter of a century.

If you purchase your ticket to the Spurs return to the Alamodome though PtR, you will also get a limited edition t-shirt (the one mentioned in yesterday’s post) as part of your purchase.

Click this TICKET site to find seats.

There are plenty of great seats still available.

Let’s pack the Dome, take ownership of that record and cheer on our Spurs against a warriors team that is dominating at home and struggling on the road.

How you think 65,000 fans will suit them for a night?

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