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Report: The Spurs acquire Noah Vonleh and cash, waive Gorgui Dieng

San Antonio opens the seal on trade season in a move with the Celtics that creates another roster opening.

New Orleans Pelicans v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs have acquired Noah Vonleh and undisclosed cash considerations from the Boston Celtics, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Wojnarowski reports the Spurs will waive Gorgui Dieng to make this trade possible and release Vonleh once the deal is official.

Dieng averaged 4.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists on a career-low 41.7% shooting in 13 appearances for San Antonio this season. The tenth-year center also made one start in a loss to the Lakers in November.

Because teams are required to send something back in every deal, PATFO will probably send a future second-round pick or the rights to one of their unsigned draft selections that are still playing somewhere overseas.

San Antonio and Boston have built a rapport, engaging in a transaction involving Josh Richardson, Derrick White, and Romeo Langford a year ago. Luka Samanic and Danilo Gallinari also landed in Beantown this offseason.

This move creates a roster slot for the Silver and Black, which they could use to sign a free agent or promote one of their two-way signees, Charles Bassey or Dominick Barlow, to a standard contract.