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San Antonio TikTok star spotlighted at two upcoming Spurs games

Aj Rivas works toward promoting San Antonio as an influencer

Michigan v Villanova Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

TikTok influencer Aj Rivas, known for his Yessica character who unapologetically pokes fun at the personalities he recalls while growing up on San Antonio’s South Side and West Side.

Rivas is becoming a household name with his characters and the roleplay he highlights in his performances.

In his day job, he worked as a house manager at a group facility for adults and children with intellectual disabilities. But hits on the computer have led to his rise in the community and beyond.

“It makes me feel so good and humbled that an organization like the Spurs sees what I do and my lifestyle and the comedy I do.”

Rivas will be attending Pride Night this Saturday at the AT&T Center as well as the Alamodome game on January 13. The social media darling, who is selling tickets though his site, selected the Pride Center of San Antonio to receive a portion of ticket sales.

“It’s crazy how this plus-sized, Mexican American man dressed up in wigs and makeup is working with organizations like the Spurs.”

The lifelong Spurs fan grew up in both the Westside’s Las Palmas neighborhood and the Harlandale area and remembers honking during the Spurs’ championship seasons.

“Of course I ride or die with the San Antonio Spurs. I can bring back the memories from the past when we used to go to the games in the Alamodome and win, especially for the generation that doesn’t really know the history of the Spurs.”

Tickets are still available for both games. A “Spurs Pride” shirt can be purchased for an additional fee.

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