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San Antonio vs. Golden State, Final Score: Spurs can’t stop the music or the Warriors, lose 144-113

The Warriors carve up the Spurs defense and cruise to an easy win in front of a record crowd at the Alamodome

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs played well enough on offense to win a game, but that’s only half of the game. The Silver and Black didn’t communicate on defense, and the Warriors used motion to get open looks, both on the perimeter and at the hoop as they scored easily on drives to the basket and from beyond the arc. Josh Richardson did his part to stabilize the Spurs at times, but they just couldn’t get enough stops to stay in the game as the Warriors won 144-113. When you play the Warriors, you expect that Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will do most of the damage, but tonight, they got contributions from almost everyone on the roster, with Moses Moody, Donte Divincenzo, and Jordan Poole meeting little resistance from the Silver and Black defense as the Warriors added to their lead throughout the game.

It was a historic night for the San Antonio Spurs as they blew the old NBA attendance record out of the water with over 68,000 fans in attendance, but it was a blowout loss for the young team as the Spurs defense couldn’t contain the Warriors. It was a historic night, but a game the young players might want to forget as they try to improve towards competitiveness.

Game Flow

Kevon Looney started off the scoring for the Warriors with 5 of their first 8 points, as Golden State rushed out to a 10-4 early lead, which was turned into a 17-4 lead after the Warriors extended their scoring streak to 13-0, leading to a second Pop timeout. Once again, the Spurs found themselves and bounced back with a scoring steak of their own, 9 consecutive points before both teams went cold for a spell. The bench unit for the Spurs held their own against the Warriors and San Antonio trailed 33-28 after one quarter of play.

Donte Divincenzo was brutal to the Spurs as the second quarter began, scoring on a putback and a pair of open triples to extend the Warriors lead. It started to look like Golden State might run away, but Josh Richardson came into the game for the Spurs and provided a stabilizing veteran influence as the Spurs held their own for most of the quarter, and but the crisp passing let to more open shot attempts for the San Franciscans as they led 74-60 at the half.

The Spurs came out of the locker room aggressively, with a drive to the basket from Romeo Langford and a foul. With a three point shot from Tre Jones, just like that, the Spurs were within single digits of the lead. Unfortunately, the Spurs inability to defend a motion offense once again reared its ugly head, and the Warriors feasted on open looks as they scored at will and led 114-89, putting the Spur in their rear view mirror.

The final quarter started off badly for the Spurs, and while the effort was there for the Silver and Black, they just started to crumble under the pressure. With the lead over 30 for Golden State, Klay and Steph were done for the night as the Warrior bench put it to the Spurs. Blake Wesley got his first playing time in San Antonio in months, and he looked ready to take some minutes as Tre’s backup. Stanley Johnson looked solid in the extended garbage time to play out the game as he never stopped competing.


Welcome to the spectacle of 68,000 fans cheering on their team.

  • Sean Elliott recreated the Memorial Day Miracle, with The Coyote (not pictured) taking the place of Rasheed Wallace trying to block Elliott’s shot.
  • So beautiful!
  • The first time I really remember watching Dan Weiss was when he shook hands with Boban Marjanovic, and his whole arm was swallowed up by Boban’s massive mitt. The grace and good naturedness of that interview really made an impact on me, and he’s become one of the valuable contributors for the Spurs broadcast team. Always ready with stats tidbits and with a quick wit and congenial attitude, he’s really a joy to watch.
  • Avery Johnson was an excellent addition to the broadcast. He’s really funny and self-effacing, which wasn’t a side you saw of him as a player, when he was always very intense on the court.
  • I honestly don’t like Poole’s game. He seems to be focused on drawing fouls from defenders, like some kind of mini-Harden.
  • Josh Richardson is really the glue for this team. He’s the only guy who seemed calm when the rest of the team seemed a little discombobulated in the second quarter. He has plenty of his own defense, but he makes the players around him better.
  • David Robinson announced the official attendance was 68,323 which is a new NBA record by a wide margin.
  • Blake Wesley got into the game during garbage time and looked pretty good. It’s going to be interesting to see if he turns into Tre’s main backup later in the season or if Pop will continue to develop him in Austin and give Malaki Branham more time with the San Antonio team as a bench scorer.

For the Warriors fans’ perspective, please visit Golden State of Mind. After tonight, the Spurs return to the cozy confines of the AT&T Center to face the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.

The Spurs are currently stuck in 14th place the western conference, and still on course for a 14% chance at the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft.