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Spurs community is “Bigger Than Basketball”

Episode 12 of The Ring of the Rowel has dropped


The Spurs 50th anniversary docuseries The Ring of the Rowel released episode 12 entitled “Bigger Than Basketball.”

This year not only marks the 50th year of Spurs basketball, but also a half-century of Spurs Youth basketball Camps.

Red McCombs was essential in getting coaches and players involved in the community, a perfect fit for Gregg Popovich. He and the front office find players who fit the mold of the community and willingly join in service.

The mark on San Antonio is clear. George Gervin and David Robinson not only showcased their talent in San Antonio, they stayed on to build strong educational ties by creating learning opportunities way after they retired from the sport of basketball.

The Spurs continue to show that winning is the goal, but there is so much more to being a part of a large community.

This video is chocked full of images of Spurs from every era. It’s easy to see what makes the Spurs the greatest franchise in sports.

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