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Gregg Popovich’s unlikely path to future HoF NBA coach

Check this video to determine if you know the whole story

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Great Popovich is arguably one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time. He’s won more games than any other coach and he’s done it with one team which showcases a consistency unseen in decades.

But Pop’s path into the NBA was not as conventional as his colleagues.

He did not start out as an NBA player like Phil Jackson. He was not a successful NCAA coach like Stan Albeck. And he wasn’t a video intern like Eric Spoelstra.

Popovich’s atypical sally arrived through an awkward pairing of ability and confidence, even when neither was apparent or predictable.

Check out this video:

There are so many facets of Pop’s journey to which all Spurs fans are accustomed. We are also acutely aware of his relationship to Tim Duncan, his veering toward international prospects, and his search for men of substance as part of his teambuilding.

This video highlights these and adds to it some pieces fans may not know. His relationship with Larry Brown started through an unpaid internship. His first assisting job materialized through his asking to be considered, not the other way around. And then, of course, there is how he became an NBA head coach.

While everyone knows he infamously fired Bob Hill and unceremoniously gave himself the job, many may not be aware that his mapping of the Spurs was not well-received, even after the team began to win championships.

This video is definitely worth a watch.

If you are heading to tomorrow’s Alamodome game, make sure you check start time, parking, Via park-and-ride, and all the festivities being added to what is sure to be the event of the season.

Go Spurs Go!

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