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Spurs court has been built inside Alamodome

The stage is set

San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets, 1995 NBA Western Conference Finals Set Number: X48392

Here’s a fun look into the inner workings of Friday’s highly anticipated return to the Alamodome.

The fifteen second time lapse breaks down just how the court fits together. It’s perfect for the father of a nine-year-old fan who has been asking me how the Spurs can change courts when they change their jerseys. She’s too young to remember how the AT&T center could be set for basketball on a Wednesday, ice hockey on Thursday, and a major concert on Friday.

In the past, the Spurs have shown similar time lapse on how the AT&T Center is changed from a basketball arena into a Stock Show & Rodeo venue, dirt included.

Hard to tell from this video, but it appears the court is different form this season’s fiesta-themed court. It looks lighter in color and seems to be missing the color flourishes at center court. That could also be due to the distance, lighting, and angle of the shot.

No way to tell for sure, but to be there. So, get your TICKET today and join in the festivities.

The Spurs are going to pack roughly the same number of fans as there are residents of Daytona Beach, Florida into one enclosed space. This is going to be louder and much more family-friendly than Daytona Beach, so come cheer on the home team against the Golden State Warriors in just two more days!

Click this TICKET site to find seats.

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