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Bally Sports finally offers cable-free streaming service for Spurs games

Finally, Spurs fans in the blackout zone can watch games without cable.

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San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images

As more and more households move away cable services and into the world of streaming, some sports apps have been slow to catch-up, still requiring a cable log-in to use their streaming services. As a result, many Spurs fans were left in the dark last season, with NBA League Pass blacked out in the San Antonio and Austin markets and Bally Sports not providing a cable-free streaming service, but that is finally about to change with the announcement of Bally Sports+.

According to Michael Schneider, COO and GM, of Bally Sports+:

“Launching a streaming service like Bally Sports+ across 19 different regions, all with unique content offerings, is an unprecedented undertaking. This full introduction marks a key moment in the evolution of RSNs, but it is also a great moment for local fans who now have another viewing option for their favorite teams.”

Bally Sports+, a direct-to-consumer streaming service that will cover 19 different regions, including Bally Sports Southwest, launched on September 26 and will include multiple packages and payment options, including $19.99 per month of $189.99 per year.

60 Spurs games will be covered by Bally Sports this season, so all should be available for viewing to subscribers. The remaining 22 games will be broadcast by either KENS 5 or CW35, so that might be more challenging for viewers within the blackout zone. The Alamodome Game against the Warriors on January 13 will also be broadcast by ESPN.

Hopefully this will be a helpful new tool for many Spurs fans!