The market is dry for Spurs right now

With recent reports that the spurs are looking for X number of picks for Jakob, Josh and Doug, I was interested in looking at the teams across the NBA in terms of their needs and which players and assets might make sense.

in short, it really doesn’t look promising for immediate trades, at least until teams settle on squads at end of training camp.

Here are some examples of teams that seem to be trying to compete in the next 2-3 years that could do with spurs players, and I’ve also done hot takes on all teams:


I don’t know what they are doing but they seem to want to win with Beal. Jakob would be a great add for them, but what do they give? Gafford? A year younger, kind of replicates Sochan. It’s hard to see a deal with them.


Poeltl and other piece for Mark Williams maybe, but that team might be better off tanking this year. Not much there.


I’m sure Doug or JRich would be great additions for them, though Doug especially doesn’t help there already porous D. Again, not sure what we want apart from far in the future assets.


just can’t see spurs wanting to do much business there unless it was a no brainer for both sides.

New Orleans: probably our best chance to get draft assets. They are stacked with extra picks and Doug or JRich make a tonne of sense in rolling out high octane lineups around Zion and Brandon. That’s a wait and see situation for me.


JRich would probably be a good fit as 3-D and extra offence with DeMar and Zach. What do we get out of it though? They are running out of picks as well and we would diminish the value of our future pick if we made them too good.


Jakob would make them an even better defensive beast, but again, what do we get?


I think Doug or JRich would be of interest at the right price. Similar concerns about value in return.


Jakob, Doug and filler for Westbrook and 2 picks? Probably a pass from both orgs.


Jakob for Richuan? tough one because Jakob is clearly better in many ways, but Richuan offers a stable contract that could be flipped later - or he could be a good guy to keep if we landed Wembanyana. Seems too tricky as spurs would want assets and Jakob is on an expiring. Intriguing fit for Sac though as they clearly want to win.


they need mobile 2 way wings. JRich maybe and Devin definitely, but Devin is a keeper.


see general interest in Doug and JRich, but unlikely to offer much


Nothing I can see.

OKC and Utah:

maybe pick swaps and othe shenanigans since they are all about 2025 and beyond.

Golden State:

If we offered them Sochan and Jakob for Wiseman or something like that, it might get interesting, but probably nothing to see here and I’m not sure spurs should do that anyway


they are so balanced, maybe Kennard for Doug, but doesn’t seem very compelling for either side unless I’m missing something


Already done dating I think


Just don’t see the assets coming for Doug or JRich right now.


Doug and JRich but they are fresh out of assets.


see above


Nothing really.


Not ready to win yet, and we would probably have to give them a young talent in exchange for their young talent.


see Doug and JRich asset giving conundrum


Won’t pay fair market for Jakob I think, seem pretty balanced. Probably most interested in someone like Tre.


We already traded Derrick White. They can’t afford Jakob and they are trying to find Doug and JRich types through drafting. Maybe at the deadline something surfaces if they think they are a piece away.

Indy and Detroit:

Fishing for the same things we are.

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