What is Poeltl worth

There are still rumors abounding that Jacob P will be traded either before the season or at the deadline.

1. To the clippers for Brandon Boston and Amir Coffey: I like the timeline and upside of Boston.

2. To the Bucks for Grayson Allen and Swaps: Seems dumb

3. To the Nets for Seth Curry and a swap: Could be good as Curry would get a first before the deadline.

4 To the Bulls for Coby White and a 2024 1st Round pick

So this begs the question - what would you take for JP? What is the minimum you would let him go for? I love the idea of a young talent that has already played a year or two over a draft pick. Someone like Brandon Boston - although preferably a big.

If we lose him for a pick - then I want it to be a 2023 or 24 pick at worse. I am too impatient to wait for a 2028 or 29 pick - as who knows our timeframe then.

Who has the best trade idea for Jacob before the season starts.

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