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Pounding the Rock Basketball Terminology Quiz: Part VI

How much do San Antonio Spurs fans know about on and off-ball defensive strategies?

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United States v Iran Men’s Basketball - Olympics: Day 5 Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The grades from part five of our ongoing terminology quiz series are here, and San Antonio Spurs fans have been hitting the books. An extraordinary 35% of participants achieved at least an 80 on their report card this week, exhibiting an aptitude for pinpointing defensive concepts.

For the sixth installment of our challenge, Pounders will view 14 clips and select which answer matches the practice they saw. As a reminder, every test increases in difficulty, so visit our basketball vocabulary crash course to be as prepared as possible for what we have in store

Before you get started, here are the answers from part five:

1. 2.9ing

2. Chest Stop

3. Circling the Post

4. Digging

5. Fronting

6. Getting Skinny

7. Lock and Trail

8. Over

9. Pickup Point

10. Push Out

11. Rearview Contest

12. Both A and C

13. Both B and C

14. Stunt and Recover

15. Under

16. Verticality

17. Wall Up

Bonus: Sink and Fill

Bonus: X-Out

Let us know how you did on part six, and make sure to check in next week when we reveal all the correct answers in part seven.

Special thanks to The Basketball Dictionary, The Basketball Action Dictionary, Unforgiving Hoops, Coach Daniel, Half Court Hoops, hoopvision68, Adam Spinella, and Stephen Noh for providing FREE resources for people with a thirst for basketball knowledge.