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Pounding the Rock Basketball Terminology Quiz: Part V

How many defensive techniques can San Antonio Spurs fans identify?

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San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs fans again demonstrated their basketball knowledge in our ongoing quiz series, with more than 36% of participants earning an 80 or better on our fourth exam. But things are about to heat up as we toss a curveball and reincorporate a couple of fill-in-the-blank questions.

For the fifth installment of our challenge, Pounders must view 17 clips and pick which answer best fits the defensive technique they witnessed. Each test is intentionally more complicated than the last, so give our basketball vocabulary crash course a visit for a worthwhile tuneup.

Before you get started, here are the answers from part four:

1. Rejecting

2. Slipping

3. All of the Above

4. Drag It Out

5. Drift

6. Leak Out

7. Punch

8. Nash

9. Both A and B

10. Short Roll

11. Snaking

12. Splitting the Defenders

Bonus: Rim Runner

Let us know how you did on part five, and make sure to check in at the end of the week when we reveal all the correct answers in part six.

Special thanks to The Basketball Dictionary, The Basketball Action Dictionary, Unforgiving Hoops, Coach Daniel, Half Court Hoops, hoopvision68, Adam Spinella, and Stephen Noh for providing FREE resources for people with a thirst for basketball knowledge.