All or nothing: San Antonio Spurs

I’ve been watching this great documentary on Prime called All or nothing: Tottenham hotspur

It’s about an english football (soccer) club in the top flight of english football. You get a look behind the scenes during a full season. Clips from key games, coach/player talks, player who talk about their futures and private life, players who does charity work in communities, interviews with fans. Everything really! Mid game locker room talks…

I’m not really a football fan but the format of this show is just great. Most of the work in the NBA feels like it’s done behind an iron curtain. There is no reason for this - 1.4 billion people follow the premier league and they dare make it this open. Filmmakers of SA - watch this show and pitch the format. I would be dying to see something like this about my favourite sports club.

your thoughts?

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