The Spurs are not tanking.

Lots of Spurs fans seem to embrace this thing called "tanking" as a quick fix and and a road to the title. It's a part of our modern society's desire for immediate gratification. They point to our 1999 NBA championship as the result of successful tanking. However the success that followed our terrible 96-97 season was not the result of tanking. Is was the incredibly good look of drawing the best ping pong ball after an unlucky injury plagued season. And there was also some pretty good coaching and future draft picks.

Spurs fans point to the recent trade of Dejounte Murray, our own budding Russel Westbrook, who led us to 34 victories as proof that the Spurs are trying to lose games as many as possible to earn that 14% chance at a #1 pick in the 2023 draft. Well maybe the Spurs decided that DJ was never going to be worth a max contract and it was time to get as many good young players as possible.

So how do young players get better? They have to play. And to increase their playing time the Spurs may need to shed a few experience players who were not going to lead us to any playoffs in the near future anyway. Meanwhile Pop is going to push these young players to learn and play their best and embrace winning. Yes they will stumble a few or many times and our team won't be that great for a while. But they will be fun and they will learn how to win from one of the best in the business.

For an iconic Championship organization like the San Antonio Spurs, the concept of tanking is actually pretty offensive. As long as Pop has a voice there is no "tanking." Spurs fans should be outraged at the idea.

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